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Two years of the Blue Sheet


This November marks two years since inception of the Blue Sheet and since then, in addition to being the most trusted resource in valuing Australian certified coins, it has also become a widely used resource even for non-collectors researching coins he or she may have come across taking advantage of our free encyclopaedic content.

This time last year we had planned numerous architectural improvements for the Blue Sheet, these included:

Provenance Searches

This feature has been completed and is available at PCGS and NGC Provenance Searches. It is however, only available to gold or platinum subscribers. This allows you to search the sales history of a PCGS or NGC certified coin simply by entering the certificate number.

Instant Identification Service

This feature has also been completed and is available at Identify your coin. This is available to everyone, including non-subscribers as this service is targeted primarily at the non-collector.

Historical Valuation Charts

Charts allow investors to see the past performance of any particular coin thus giving a greater indication of a coin's potential for future growth.

While we've already completed the database changes needed to keep past data, we plan to withhold the charts until a few years worth of data is available.

Distribution Charts

These allow our gold and platinum subscribers to view the general distribution of a coin's series giving a unique perspective on what can be defined as typical uncirculated.


NumisManage is our collection management software designed specifically for the certified coin collector. With features such as automatic valuations, bulk certified coin adding and eBay listing generation, it is becoming an increasingly popular choice for serious collectors. NumisManage is free with Blue Sheet silver, gold and platinum subscriptions.

Forward in 2011

2011 will be a year dedicated to adding content to the Blue Sheet, in the form of articles such as these:
1921 Star Specimen Shilling
1959 Proof Florin

These articles aim at providing informative content on the history of a coin, identification features, particularly useful for proof strikes, investment potential and more.

Blue Sheet Gold Subscription

The gold level subscription is perhaps what we're most proud of. Even though originally intended for dealers, it has become the most popular subscription to our collector clients. It offers full provenance data, distribution charts, access to wholesale pricing making it an invaluable resource to anyone serious about collecting coins. Many collectors have expressed that access to this data has enabled them to make purchasing decisions which have saved them well in excess of the subscription cost.

Unfortunately this benefit comes with a cost, to maintain the sales data, we require a full time data entry clerk, in fact we have two staff members dedicated entirely to entering sales data, (the second in order to support our free World Coin sales database). This requirement comes with a cost, which in turn is factored into the price of the Gold level subscription.

This cost has no doubt caused some of you to choose the Bronze and Silver subscriptions over the gold. We understand that many collectors may only find the benefits of the gold subscription useful for a single purchase per month not justifying the cost of subscribing for an entire month. We're currently working on a solution for this that is both affordable for the every day collector, and one that enables us to cover the data entry costs so that we may continue to offer the Blue Sheet to everyone.

Half-price subscriptions

In the meanwhile, we'd like everyone to enjoy the benefits of the Blue Sheet gold subscription, so we'll be reducing the cost of subscribing to one month of the gold level subscription in November by 50% - down to just $13.95!

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