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Selling on Numis Bid


I'm sure most of you have used Numis Bid one time or another to purchase coins, but did you know you can sell on Numis Bid too? Introduced this month is our Numis Bid Direct Listing service. Numis Bid Direct Listings allow you to list your coins directly on Numis Bid, with your own photographs and descriptions, allowing you to sell directly to our strong bidder base.

Numis Bid Direct works similarly to eBay except it is geared towards coins, in particularly certified coins. To start a Numis Bid Direct Listing, you need to register a Seller's Account. If you already have a Numis Bid account, you can register a sellers account by following this link

Once your seller's account is registered you're ready to go. In the first stage you'll need to identify your coin. If your coin has been certified by PCGS or NGC, you can enter the certificate number under Certificate ID and our system will identify and categorise your coin for you. If not, you can select your coin from the Identify Coin box or go straight to selecting a category from the Select Category box.

Once this is complete, click the diskette icon on the grey toolbar. This will take you to the next step.

Next you need to describe your coin and supply photographs. If your coin has been certified by PCGS' SecurePlus service or you purchased PCGS' Trueview service when certifying your coin, some images will already be available. You can still upload your own images by clicking Browse in the appropriate image slot, and selecting the image from your computer. If no images are provided, you will need to upload your own images.

Once the images are uploaded, you can crop the image via our circular crop (ideal for coins) or the square crop for everything else (and for all your square pennies).
Once you're done with the images and descriptions, click Save. This will take you to the next step.

The next step is to setup your auction. You can specify the reserve price, auction date, shipping prices and your policies on postage and refunds. Once you're done here, click the Save icon.

The next page outlines your listing fees. Listings fees are based on your reserve price with no listing fee for $1 reserve auctions. We also charge a validation fee of 30c per listing to check whether listings meet our guidelines and to protect against fraudulent use of Numis Bid.

Once you've reviewed the fees, click Submit and your listing will be live.

Numis Bid makes selling your collection easy and profitable with our low 5% final value fee, there very simply isn't a better deal around and our record breaking realisations ensure your collection realises top dollar - just have a look at our past realisations.

Your coin will accept bids right until the auction date (usually 7pm on the 7th of each month but you can set this yourself through our Custom Auctions), then go onto our Numis Bid live auction. Once sold your buyer will be able to see your payment options and pay you directly then once you've received their payment you can send the coin out to the buyer's postal address.

If you're still unsure, we're offering the service completely free of final value fees until March 2013, so why not give it a try today!

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