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One year of the Blue Sheet


November marks one year since inception of the Blue Sheet. While the Blue Sheet actually started several years ago as a personal reference, it was on this day one year ago that it was first made available to you, the collector. It has come a long way from what started out as a simple price listing per grade.

Today, the Blue Sheet adds encyclopaedic pages for every listed coin, sales history, grading photos, a glossary and reference to become so much more than a simple price guide.

The current Blue Sheet (for half pennies)

Today's Blue Sheet has:

...and averages over 1,500 unique visitors per day to become the 5th most popular solely numismatic website to Aussies (averaged over the past 3 months, source: Alexa) and the fastest growing Australian numismatic website over the past year, both in content and popularity.

Part of what makes the Blue Sheet so popular is its accuracy. Collectors want to know what their collection is worth, the combination of the transparency of valuations and the reliability of third party grading allow collectors to see exactly what their coin is worth, and more often than not, how much similar coins have sold or been offered for.

In the future you can expect more of the same, some developments currently in the pipeline is historical information and charts of coin valuations. While this is expected to take at least a year before sufficient information is available for many coins, it's something worth looking forward to. We've planned provenance searches, simply by entering the certificate number of your coin, you'll be able to see past sales and offers of your actual coin, see whose hands it's been through, which auction houses and more.

You can expect more content, especially targeted and new collectors, I envision a page where the collector can simply enter the date of the coin, then select from a few photos and answer a few questions to estimate the value of an uncertified coin.

One more development in the pipeline is a numismatic collection software, a piece of software that can manage your collection, including full support for PCGS and NGC certified coins, just enter the certificate numbers and they'll be added automatically, including live valuations for certified coins, you can watch your collection value rise each day (or drop if you collect decimal coins - only joking). You can try out what we have completed so far by clicking the Numis Manage link in the top right of the Blue Sheet (you need to be logged in).

It's been a great year for the Blue Sheet and our business as a whole and we have you, the collector to thank for it.

Walter Eigner Numismatics will be closing for business from November 13th and reopening February 1st. You can still expect the Blue Sheet to be updated daily and 24 hr support via e-mail, just click the Contact Us link on the right.

All the best for 2010.

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