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Malaysian Blue Sheet


Malaysia's coin collecting industry took a step forward with the release of the Blue Sheet now covering coins from the various Malaysian colonies including the Straits Settlements, Sarawak, British North Borneo and British Malaya up until Federation.

Coins of the Malay straits have become increasingly popular among collectors worldwide with an 1889 Straits fifty cent selling for SGD 70,000 at auction in 2013. A student in Kuala Lumpur recently went through her family's old coins finding an uncirculated 1920 two and a half cent from British North Borneo among them. The coin is expected to realize $250 at auction.

There are many old coins owned by the public which are worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars and the Blue Sheet allows them to find accurate valuations helping them to obtain the best possible price for their coins.

Historical auction records allows the public to see which auction houses get the best prices for which coins and the encyclopedic articles share a wealth of knowledge about the history of the Malay colonies through its circulating currency.

The Blue Sheet is available at

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