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Free PCGS Grading


If you've been collecting or investing in coins for a while you've probably heard of PCGS. PCGS is an independent coin grading service with offices in the US, Hong Kong and Paris. They have been grading coins for the past 27 years and in the past 5 years they have gained a strong and well regarded presence in Australia among both coin dealers and collectors.


If you've ever tried to sell uncertified coins to a range of dealers you're probably aware of the vast grading variations between dealers and you're also probably quite disillusioned as to the small percentages of catalogue values paid by dealers. Once your coins have been certified by PCGS you get a guarantee of grade, this in turn gives you a guarantee of value, so you can expect a much higher percentage of catalogue values, usually 80%-100% of the Blue Sheet price when selling at auction.

Why is their some opposition to PCGS in Australia?

You may have heard that PCGS graded coins are too expensive. If this is true, then why don't all dealers get their coins certified? They may give you any number of arguments, but the simple fact is, their coins just aren't good enough. Often they've been cleaned, have problems or simply overgraded. Quality coins sell for higher prices in PCGS slabs and problem coins sell higher uncertified, so over time, natural market forces will ensure that quality coins end up in PCGS slabs and problem coins end up uncertified.

Don't take our word for this

We know our savvy readers will question what we say here - that's only natural because we ourselves sell PCGS graded coins. We don't want you to just blindly believe what we say, but instead, we want you to see for yourselves. So until the end of March, we're offering our readers* free PCGS grading for up to 5 coins. The coins must be Australian coins dated up to 1964, they must have been purchased within the last 5 years uncertified from an Australian dealer or auction house**, the purchase price of each coin must be from $500 to $5000 and they must be graded Uncirculated or higher.

* this offer is only available to collectors who do not currently collect certified coins, acceptance is at our discretion
** you must provide evidence of this such as a receipt or the dealer's labeled holder

Contact us to apply

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