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Collecting Half Sovereigns


A common misconception of the Australian gold series is that it is expensive, and part of only the most prestigious collections, but did you know that for the price of an EF or better pre-decimal type set collection, you can complete an average circulated type collection of Australian half sovereigns.

This belief in exclusivity was founded decades ago when a pre-decimal collection can be built up for small change, or even from circulation, while gold coin collections were disproportionately overvalued due to the high relative gold price and regulations on the ownership of gold meant complex licensing involved in owning gold coins.

Times have changed since then - Despite the gold price rising to record levels against the Australian dollar recently, pre-decimal coin values have now moved to the extent where top quality examples are priced higher than scarcer half sovereign dates.

So how do you go about collecting half sovereigns? Like most series, there are two common approaches, the date set and the type set. Like the 1930 in the Penny set, there are some dates which most collectors can probably never expect to own. The 1855 Sydney mint half sovereign, and the 1893-M old head half sovereign. Other than those two, most dates can be obtained for a small to reasonable premium above bullion. The other approach, the type set, can be readily completed for half sovereigns, right up to Uncirculated, though you can expect high prices for the earlier dates.

RARER THAN THE 1930 PENNY - the 1860 Half Sovereign has an estimated population of about 200 - 300 pieces

For more information on half sovereigns and the dates and types involved including detailed commentary on every date and valuations, please see the Blue Sheet on half sovereigns at Half Sovereign Values

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