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Blue Sheet - How to make the most of it


With over 800 registered users, the Blue Sheet is fast becoming the standard price reference on high-tech means of sourcing rare coins such as eBay or dealer websites, but did you know, that you can use it at coin fairs too?

If you own a web capable mobile phone, simply direct your phone's web browser to

Use your Blue Sheet e-mail to log on then, to get valuations, simply enter the date and denomination of the coin, then click search.

You can then view the latest valuations for your certified coin, just as you would in the web sheets. Take it to coin fairs, dealer's shops, take it on your next holiday, you name it. And best of all, it's free with your Collector Subscription.

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You can even view dealer offers, and if you have a Colletor Plus subscription, see past sales too! If I see an MS65 1955 Shilling for $150, and I see one recently sold for $300, I'd know what I'd be doing.

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For those collectors who haven't adopted certified grading, the Greensheet is also available via mobile at

Still at only $3/month, it's never been a better time to subscribe! To subscribe, Click Here or purchase a one month trial through eBay by clicking here.

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