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1922 Half Penny


A recent acquisition, this 1922 Half Penny is unlike any 1922 dated coin we've seen. None of the usual signs of the overworked mints are seen with this piece having an incredibly full double-strike. Surfaces are free of contacts as if this coin was carefully pulled out after striking and tucked away before it could be ravaged by the bagging process.

The question you're probably thinking: double struck? unbagged? Is it a specimen? It certainly has all the characteristics however having only recently come to the market, we haven't yet traced it's provenance so the question still remains.

While we are still uncertain why this coin has been double-struck, after some research on the provenance of the coin and on advice from a reputable Sydney coin dealer, we have determined this coin to most likely be an early business strike rather than a specimen, this coin has been added to our inventory, click here to view.

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