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About Us

Walter Eigner Pty Ltd is a rare coin dealership specialising in PCGS graded Australian coins. Walter Eigner Pty Ltd was founded in 2013 under the guidance of experienced collector and coin dealer Walter Eigner. Walter Eigner Ptd Ltd was incorporated on the 8th of July, 2013 in the ACT replacing Walter's home based coin dealership, Walter Eigner Numismatics.

Walter's career in numismatics began in founding Walter Eigner Numismatics in July 2004 - initially trading on eBay, Walter built a strong and stable reputation of providing quality coins and fair market practices.

With the growth of the internet, and its growing popularity as a medium as a coin marketplace, Walter envisioned the need for a new type coin reference. A reference built around the market transparency brought about by the internet and in doing so released the Blue Sheet towards the end of 2008.

In 2011 Walter brought about a new change to the Australian coin market. By combining the service and reliability of the public auction, with the speed, efficiency and market exposure of the internet auction, Walter has fashioned a new style of coin auction - Numis Bid allows collectors to buy and sell coins with all the guarantees provided by public auctions but with commissions as low as internet auctions and net prices stronger than both.

In 2013 Walter Eigner Pty Ltd was incorporated in order to provide a long-term base for expansion into other collectables such as banknotes and stamps.

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