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Walter Eigner Pty Ltd is a rare coin dealership specialising in PCGS graded Australian coins. Walter Eigner Pty Ltd was founded in 2013 under the guidance of experienced collector and coin dealer Walter Eigner (more)


Melbourne Office Opening


We are currently in the process of opening an office in Melbourne, which we are expecting to be up and running by the end of the financial year. In the meanwhile we will be based in Melbourne, please note our new postal address at GPO Box 4238, Melbourne, VIC, 3001. In addition we can no longer service pick ups from Canberra but we are able to service pick ups for our Melbourne clients at our temporary office in Docklands, 3008. (read more)

Buyer's Premium - Why we will never charge it


With a number of other auction houses increasing their buyer's premium, it is important for auction participants, both buyer and seller to be aware on how buyer's premium affects them. Buyer's premium is a charge some auction houses impose on top of your winning bid. Say you win a coin for $100 and the auction house charges 19.25% buyer's premium; you'll end up paying $119.25 for the coin. If they charge a seller's commission of 15% then the seller gets $100 - 15%; $85, or 71% of the purchase price. (read more)

Investing in Rare Coins


It is rare that I make comments on investing in coins though with the liquidation of John Petit and the Rare Coin Company, the importance of managing risk has never been more pronounced. Coins have for many decades been an attractive investment for many reasons. Ease of storage and transportation, market stability and strong growth are among the commonly quoted reasons. In this article I will discuss the number of risks involved and how to protect yourself against them. (read more)

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